• My time in therapy with Bev helped me to achieve peace of mind and I am very pleased I came
  • Thank you Bev!  I now feel more comfortable with myself and more confident
  • When I started working with Bev I felt very vulnerable and scared and not at all confident. Now I can go in shops by myself and board public transport. (young person)
  • I came to see Bev with very low self esteem and felt trapped in a rut, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and I was scared to make changes. Now I feel very calm and confident. I have succeeded in obtaining a new job and feel excited knowing I have a totally changed state of mind which is now enabling me to go for the goals I am going to achieve
  • Therapy with Bev helped me to gain a sense of perspective and feel content
  • I have grown and developed within myself
  • I’m not sure that I could have got through the last few months without the support from Bev

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