TA Explained

Transactional Analysis or TA is an approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which gives ways of understanding emotional, psychological and behavioural problems and how they develop, with the aim of helping people to gain the ability to change them.

The basic principles of TA, set out in the 1950’s by its founder, Eric Berne, are:

  • We are all born OK as people
  • Everyone has the capacity to think and make decisions
  • With help, people can find their own answers and make new decisions
  • Change is possible

TA gives people ways of understanding themselves, their ways of thinking and behaving and how that developed. Through TA we can also learn and understand how and why we respond and relate to others in the ways we do. I and my clients use TA to identify, clarify and understand their experiences, feelings thoughts and behaviour, to reflect on those and then work together to bring about healing and positive change.

For more information about TA please click here UK Association of Transactional Analysis

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