I have many years experience of supervising individuals and groups. As a supervisor I work with counsellors and psychotherapists trained or training in a range of approaches – I myself originally trained as an integrative counsellor. I also bring my TA knowledge and experience, and at the heart of my practice is the I’m OK and You’re OK  philosophy, central to TA, which promotes a mutually respecting, open, reflective relationship on which to build the supervision work.

My work with my supervisees aims to:

  • Promote therapeutic competence, understanding and skill development
  • Maximise the quality and positive impact of therapeutic work
  • Monitor ethical and professional practice and therefore safeguard both client and counsellor/psychotherapist
  • Promote and enhance self-awareness and confidence through reflective practice, developed within a co-created, intersubjective supervision environment.
  • Promote and develop mechanisms for self-care

If you would like to explore having supervision with me please call me on 0779 893 7436 or click contact me.

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